Departure: We depart daily at 9:00 AM from Perigiali Bay to the enchanting island of Kalamos.

Welcoming: While the captain and the crew guide you around the boat and inform you on safety and hygiene instructions, you can enjoy a treat of local delicacies.

Itinerary: Our cruise starts sailing around Madouri islet -the island of the poet Aristotelis Valaoritis-, heading towards Scorpios island. We enjoy the emerald Ionian waters all the way, leaving behind the worries of everyday life. Half an hour later, we pass between Scorpios and Scorpidi islets, while our marvelous trip continues further on.

Setting sail for Meganisi, through the narrow passage between Lefkada and Meganisi, we reach the islet Thilia. We anchor at the enchanting green islet were you can swim in the crystal-clear waters and enjoy sunbathing.

After returning to the boat, we head to the southern cost of Meganisi to reach the famous Papanikolis cave where the absolutely magical scenery and the sunlight reflections coupled with the unique choir of the sea gulls create a unique setting.

We anchor at a nearby islet of Formicula, where you can take a swim, while our crew is setting the table for the first meal of the day. Greek appetizers accompanied by tsipouro and the local wine VERTZAMO will be prepared for you to enjoy as soon as you get out of the water. A variety of dishes cooked with fresh local ingredients according to traditional greek recipes will entice you to taste and enjoy the authentic greek culinary experience.

Getting back to our vessel, we set off for our next stop, the serene bay called Porto Leone with its calm waters, where you can take a rejouvenating dip in the enchanting waters.

Our last anchorage is at Asprogiali bay, where you can further enjoy the emerald island waters. There, the main meal, including seafood with pasta and salads together with the local wine VERTZAMO, will be served by the crew. The desert includes sweets and fruit and the meal will be accompanied by lovely Greek music.

On our return to Perigiali, if the weather conditions are favourable, we can open sails and enjoy sailing with the wind in the iconic blue of the Ionian sea.
We disembark in Perigiali at around 7:00 pm.

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